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Ways to Get Involved - Give Financially

Give Financially

Thanks to the support of caring friends like you, Bridgeport Rescue Mission is able to reach out to the working poor and homeless with the saving, healing and restoring love of God. Your tax-deductible gifts allow us to welcome those in need, no matter their circumstances. There are many ways to invest in the Mission's life-saving ministry, and we would like to assist you in finding a way that works best for you. Here are a few options:

Donate Now

It's safe and easy to make a tax-deductible contribution to the life-saving ministry of Bridgeport Rescue Mission. DONATE NOW.

Cash Gifts

As you may know, Bridgeport Rescue Mission relies on compassionate individuals, churches, businesses and community organizations to help fund our ministry to the community's most fragile members.

Making a tax-deductible cash gift to Bridgeport Rescue Mission is easy! To make a donation through your debit or credit card, simply give online or call us at (203) 333-4087, ext. 103. If you would like to make a gift by check, please send it to P.O. Box 9057, Bridgeport, CT 06601-9057, or drop it by the Mission at 1088 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport.

Monthly Giving

One of the best and easiest ways to give to the Mission is to set up a monthly gift via your credit card.  Or, through your bank you can automatically set up a monthly donation from your checking account. On a specified day each month, your credit card donation will be automatically processed. No more having to remember to write and mail a check each month!

To find out more about monthly credit card gifts, e-mail Trudy, Donor Relations Manager, or call her at (203) 333-4087, ext. 103.

We invite you to join Bridgeport Rescue Mission's group of key supporters: the Meals of Hope Club. Every year, these caring individuals pledge $15 or more a month to provide the most vulnerable members of our community life's basic necessities like food and shelter. Thanks to their regular gifts, the Mission has a dependable source of income that helps ensure our emergency outreach is always available to the homeless and hurting. For more information about our Meals of Hope Club, click here.

Memorials and Honorary Gifts

There's no better way to memorialize or honor someone you love than to make a gift in his or her name to Bridgeport Rescue Mission. You can give your gift online by clicking here. Or, you can send your gift to P.O. Box 9057, Bridgeport, CT 06601-9057. Please include a note stating whom you are memorializing or honoring and whom we should notify about the gift. We'll notify the family of the deceased or the person being honored, without disclosing the amount of the gift.

Donate A Car to Bridgeport Rescue Mission

Your used vehicle can be converted into a gift for the poor and also give you a valuable tax deduction at the same time. The sale of your car will be used to provide more meals, shelter and lasting hope for the hurting men, women, and children we serve in Fairfield County.

At this time Bridgeport Rescue Mission is in need of large vehicles for operating purposes as well as smaller, more economical cars for our residents and graduates.

To donate your car, boat, RV, or any other type of vehicle please email Linda Casey.

Planned Giving

As a partner in ministry during your lifetime, you have helped ensure our rescue and recovery services meet the needs of countless homeless and near-homeless individuals and families in our community. Now you have the opportunity to continue your legacy of compassionate care in perpetuity by making a Legacy of Hope planned gift. Why do we call it a legacy? Because choosing to benefit the Mission with a portion of your estate says a lot about your values and your commitment to those values. Giving beyond your lifetime sends a strong message to your loved ones and peers. And it extends your help to future generations of homeless men, women and children served by the Mission. That's quite a legacy! Here's how you can leave a Legacy of Hope:

Gifts of Cash
Made during your lifetime, cash gifts can be deducted up to 50 percent of your contribution base.

Bequest Through Will
You can make a bequest to Bridgeport Rescue Mission of a dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate or the remainder of your estate after taking care of your loved ones.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Making Bridgeport Rescue Mission a beneficiary to part or all of your life insurance policy is a simple way to make a significant gift. You may receive a tax deduction for the cash surrender value, reducing your tax liability in the year of the gift.

Retirement Account
You may realize significant estate tax savings when you designate Bridgeport Rescue Mission as a beneficiary. This is often a tax-efficient way to make a gift because of the income tax savings and charitable deduction allowed your estate.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock, Bonds or Mutual Funds
Appreciated stock, held more than one year, makes an excellent charitable gift. You can avoid capital gains taxes and receive a tax deduction for the value of the gift up to 30 percent of your contribution base. Bonds and mutual funds are similar to appreciated stock in the tax treatment. We also welcome state, municipal and U. S. government bonds.

Gifts of Property
Gifts of property can be simple to make, but due to special tax considerations, please contact our planned giving staff before giving property valued at $500 or more. Making a gift of your home has definite estate-tax advantages, and the donor can often continue to live on the property the rest of his or her life.

Charitable Remainder Trust
Donors can select the rate of return from these income arrangements and also choose a fixed or fluctuating annual payment. Capital gains taxes can be avoided and you receive a tax deduction based on the age of the income recipient and the rate of return.

Charitable Lead Trust
Assets, like cash or securities, are transferred to a trust that pays income from the fund to Bridgeport Rescue Mission for the number of years you determine. At the time period's end, the trust terminates and the assets are given back to the person(s) you name. The income tax deduction is for payments made annually to the Mission.

Endow Your Gift
Like many of our donors, you likely give a set amount to Bridgeport Rescue Mission each year. If you would like to ensure the Mission continues to receive the same amount from your estate every year, consider endowing your gift. Our endowment will invest your donations, then use the interest from the investment to provide the annual stream of income you have traditionally given through your lifetime.

Please Note! Always consult your tax advisor, financial planner or attorney when making decisions about a planned gift.

Please contact Linda Casey at lmcasey@bridgeportrescuemission.org for more information.